An area in which ancient traditions live side by side with the most innovative industrial projects, Brianza has always been one of the places in Italy with a strong textiles vocation, and a spinning-mill that incorporates all the different stages of a textile's "life".

Designing and creating fabric samples is one of the aspects, and FUTURA is one of its most interesting interpreters.

Founded 20 year ago, FUTURA is still nowadays a young and up-coming business.

On the company's premises in Zoccorino, Besana Brianza, every kind of sample becomes concrete (traces, scarves, bunches, folders, books) thanks to a perfect blend of vanguard machinery and technology and khow-how based on the region's textile traditions.

FUTURA works in all kinds of textiles, from furnishing to clothing fabrics, toweling to bedding. A qualified clientele (mainly Italian, with some outstanding foreign names, too) turns to FUTURA for its specific features: quick and careful creation first of all, plus products that are always up to date, wheter they are made to costumer specifications or designed by FUTURA's creative staff.

The company intends to consolidate and expand its customer relations to become more and more of a support to textile manifactures in Italy and abroad, a real partner in production and creative design.